Two pieces of good news! An online reader of this blog scored band 9! Ben is back on this Sunday!

Writing Band 9.0!

What a week!

On Tuesday, I received an email from Nancy (an online reader) who informed me that she had received band 9 on the written portion of her exam! Over the past year running, I have had several students report band 8.5, but Nancy is the first person that I am aware of who scored 9 following the strategies on this website. Congratulations, Nancy!

In our emails back and forth, Nancy told me a bit about how she prepared for the exam. Having taken the test and only scoring band 7.5 in writing, Nancy knew that she needed to change something. She credits reading my ebook and making a conscious effort to write concisely as the keys to her success. After composing several practice essays, Nancy’s ability to write in a style fulfilling the four sections of the IELTS marking rubric greatly improved.

Thank you Nancy for sharing your inspirational story!

I also received emails from a candidate scoring writing band 8.5, a few others at 8 and many of you between 7 and 7.5. Congratulations to you all! I have asked these students to consider engaging in a short audio interview with me regarding how they managed to achieve such scores. Hopefully, I will be able to post a few of these interviews to this blog for all of you to listen to, too.

(If you have scored band 7 or above and would like to help other IELTS students around the world, consider contacting me so we can arrange an interview.  For more information, email

Another meeting this week!

Now for the second bit of good news. Due to popular demand, Ben from is back in this Sunday from 10pm-11pm Shanghai time! If you missed your chance before, be sure to log in and ask Ben and I your IELTS related questions!

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