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May 2011 – IELTS Academic Task 2 exam question (as reported by student)

An online student of mine faced the following Task 2 question recently on their exam: People nowadays live longer than they used to.  What caused this situation?  Is it a negative or positive development? People today enjoy longer life spans … Continue reading

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Recent General Task 1 question (full written response) May 2011 exam

An online student of mine recently told me they saw the following question on the Task 1 portion of their General exam: An annual event was recently held in your area.  Write a letter to the organizers of this event … Continue reading

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General Task 2 suggested response from the IELTS exam as seen in Brazil (May 2011)

(For more questions like this one, check out Here is the question as it appeared on the IELTS exam in Brazil: Many old cities around the world are going through a major process of modernization.  What are the advantages … Continue reading

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IELTS Brazil General Task 1 suggested response (May 2011)

(This question taken from IELT-blog.) Here is a Task 1 question as seen on the General IELTS exam in Brazil this month: A friend of yours is applying for a job as a sports instructor for teenagers in a summer … Continue reading

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