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Task 1 (General) as seen in Brisbane, Australia, 25 June 2011, model letter response

You are really impressed with the work of a photographer who captured guests at your friend’s party.  Write a letter to the photographer asking them to work at your next family event.  Your letter should include: Why you would like … Continue reading

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How to maximize your IELTS writing mark through cohesion and coherence

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Task 2 model response to a General question seen in Australia, June 2011

(This question taken from In the past, people wore traditional clothes, spoke languages and practiced activities as dictated by their regional culture.  These days, the world’s cultures resemble one another quite closely.  Do you think this is a positive … Continue reading

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Complete Task 2 response to an General question seen in Dhaka (June 11)

(This question taken from In many countries, crime is increasing.  What are the main reasons for this?  What can be done to improve the situation?  Support your position with relevant examples and include your own experience. Although it is … Continue reading

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