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Four common mistakes candidates make in IELTS Writing

In this brief article, I would like to share the 5 most common mistakes I see in the IELTS essays I correct for students online: Common mistake 1 – Misunderstanding the instruction portion of the essay question All IELTS essay … Continue reading

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Here is how to respond when you are asked to write about ‘technology’ on your IELTS…

In this video, we look at how to respond to IELTS questions involving ‘technology’ as a central theme.

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(Model essay) Academic exam question seen in Western Australia in September 2011

(This question taken with permission from A country’s future depends on its young people. Therefore, a country should invest heavily in its youth. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? The youth of a nation play a critical … Continue reading

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(Model letter) General Task 1 question as seen in Australia and the Philippines in early October

Your local community newspaper has announced a competition to acknowledge a person who has greatly contributed to your town or city. Write a letter to the editor about a person you know who deserves the award. In your letter include: … Continue reading

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