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Month: November, 2011

(Model essay) Academic IELTS question seen 26 November 2011 in Melbourne, Australia

Ryan’s notes: I’m aware the examples in this essay are a little broad.  To be honest, I had trouble coming up with plausible examples to support the ‘results’ our essay question speaks of.  Can you think of better examples?  Please post them as a response to this entry. Recently a poll was conducted that revealed […]

(Video/Blog) Contest results! 27 of your essays have been assessed

This past week, 27 of you submitted essays in response to our contest essay question: Someday paper money and coins will be replaced by credit cards and online methods of monetary exchange. Do you agree or disagree? Below you will find a video analyzing a few of the submissions. This is followed by copies of […]

(Model essay) 17 November 2011 IELTS essay question as seen in Egypt

The Internet is going to replace the newspaper as the most popular source of news and information in the future.  To what extent do you agree or disagree? The advent of the Internet has marked a dramatic shift in the way people around the world consume information.  Today, electronic news sources rival the traditional printed […]

(Model essay) The very latest IELTS Academic exam question as seen in Kuwait 2 days ago!

Thank you to the student who emailed me this question. It is very common for elderly people to fall into a state of loneliness.  Why do you think this state is more common for old people than other age demographics?  What do you suggest be done about the problem?