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(Video) How developed are your IELTS lexical resources? Try these 10 questions!

(Please kindly provide me with some feedback.  Was this lesson helpful?  What would have made it better?) Here is the text from the video: Nowadays, young people admire sports stars though they often do not set a good example.  Do … Continue reading

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(Model essay) IELTS Academic essay in response to a question seen in India and Saudi Arabia in January 2012

Do you feel artists like writers, musicians and painters still have value in modern society? Discuss. The role artists play in modern society is an often debated topic.  On the one hand, many people see art and culture as critical … Continue reading

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(Model essay) IELTS exam blog entry in response to a General exam question as seen in Perth, Australia

Violent films and TV programming are among the most popular forms of entertainment today.  Why do you think these programs are so popular?  Propose possible reasons to explain their large number of viewers. The popularity of various forms of media … Continue reading

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(Model essay) Sample IELTS response to an Academic exam question seen 4 February 2012 in Wollongong, Australia

Should young children be encouraged to follow a strict set of rules based on cultural tradition or should they be allowed to behave freely?  Discuss both and share your opinion. The level of freedom children are allotted varies from one … Continue reading

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