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Anyone from Pune? Rahul nabs 8.5 in Reading and Listening using alternative study methods!

I recently had a great chat with Rahul about his experiences with the IELTS exam.  Rahul’s approach to General Reading is interesting, as he approaches passages 1 and 2 differently from passage 3.  As you will hear in the interview, … Continue reading

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Prepositions are frustrating! How well do you know yours?

No access to YouTube?  Download the video by clicking here. Your friend visited your home recently.  They forgot something.  Write a letter to your friend about this situation.  In your letter include: -what your friend forgot -where the item is … Continue reading

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Are you an IELTS student in China? Listen to Ying Jun as she explains the strategies that led her to band 8!

Having lived in China for almost 5 years, I know how difficult it is for Chinese students to prepare for their exam.  IELTS classrooms in China can be several hundred students large, making it impossible for students to have direct … Continue reading

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