A General Task 1 lexical resource quiz video! (Valuable even if you are taking the Academic!)


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8 Responses to A General Task 1 lexical resource quiz video! (Valuable even if you are taking the Academic!)

  1. min says:

    I got only one wrong in want/demand/request. I focused on the word itself and not how it interact with the rest of sentence. Demand is the strongest word and I chose that.

  2. JASON says:

    HI just let you guys know, 27th October ,2012, academic task two in Gold Coast City ,Australia, is ” Advertising discourages us from being different individuals by making us all want to be and look the same”.

  3. Chandra says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I took IELTS exam today and I spent more time in Task 2 to make sure that it is of good quality (it has more weight-age than task 1). However I was running out of time while I was attending task 1. Hence I know that my task 1 was clearly in short of the required number of words. It will be somewhere around 130 – 140 words only. I want to know how much will it affect my entire band score.
    In other words how many bands will I lose for lack in number of words for Task 1 alone?

    I like all the videos that you have posted and I can clearly see that my writing has improved over the time. All credit goes to you Ryan. Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful knowledge.


  4. setareh says:

    Thanks Ryan,although i need to pass academic English,i tried it.I think it was very helpful for real life.My score was 13.

  5. Kelvin Bhalsod says:

    Hello Ryan,
    I am really very thankful to give the answer to this question. This helped me a lot. I got 7 out of 10 from your test, but I request you to give me some more tips as I real IELTS test i got 5.5 in writing. My aim is to get at least 7.
    Many thanks agian.

    Kind regards

  6. Marinella says:

    I scored 14/14. Your videos are GOLD for me! I have to take the Academic Module soon, but your lexical lessons for General are precious as well.

  7. Mahmoud Al Anakrih says:

    Hi Rayan, I scored 9 out 0f 11 words,….two mistakes only,….you are so great…

  8. preet says:

    dear Ryan,
    your ielts videos are really amazing and you demonstrate the ideas very beautifully. thanks

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