Anyone from Pune? Rahul nabs 8.5 in Reading and Listening using alternative study methods!

I recently had a great chat with Rahul about his experiences with the IELTS exam.  Rahul’s approach to General Reading is interesting, as he approaches passages 1 and 2 differently from passage 3.  As you will hear in the interview, Rahul has found that this strategy allowed him to accelerate the speed with which he worked through the readings.  What this meant was more time to check over his answers.  His 8.5 reflects that this strategy works.

Tune in to our conversation and hear Rahul explain this and other strategies in his own words.  You can download the entire interview here.  (If you find these videos motivating, please consider leaving me a 5 star rating in iTunes.)

Attention:  I am looking for more successful IELTS students to interview.  I know from reading your comments on my YouTube page that many of you have scored band 7 and higher.  Please consider sparing 30 minutes of your time to share your exam strategies with the world.  Contact me at

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