Are you an IELTS student in China? Listen to Ying Jun as she explains the strategies that led her to band 8!

Having lived in China for almost 5 years, I know how difficult it is for Chinese students to prepare for their exam.  IELTS classrooms in China can be several hundred students large, making it impossible for students to have direct feedback from their instructor on their progress.  To make matters worse, blocked websites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter restrict a Chinese person’s ability to interact in English with the outside world.  This is arguably part of the reason why China’s average band on the Academic exam is among the lowest in the world.  (To see how your country scores, visit IELTS Test Taker Performance 2011.)

This is what makes my conversation with Ying Jun so interesting.  Despite facing these obstacles, Ying Jun managed to score an overall band 8 on her exam and is well on her way to realizing her dream of becoming a non-native IELTS examiner.  In this episode, Ying Jun shares specific tips to help Chinese students better their marks on the exam.  Click here to listen to my talk with Ying Jun!

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