Australia 2011 Academic exam Task 2 response

Here’s a question from a recent IELTS exam in Australia (taken from IELTS-blog):

There is a trend of increasing competitiveness in today’s society.  In your opinion, is it a good or bad development?

Ryan’s note:

  • ‘Competition’ is an extremely broad topic and we’re thus going to have to narrow it to be able to create any effective examples.  In the following essay, you’ll see that we have whittled the topic of ‘competition’ down into two different kinds, (1) that existing at an international level and (2) that existing at an interpersonal level.

In recent years, the level of global competition has increased as economies have become more balanced.  Among most societies, this is generally considered healthy.  Thus, the broad trend of growing competitiveness in today’s society is considered a positive phenomenon in the world. This will be shown by analyzing the benefits that are created through competition on both global as well as interpersonal levels.

Firstly, global living standards indirectly grow in tangent with a country’s economic competitiveness in the world.  For a good example, one needs to look no further than the Koreas.  South Korea has made its economy competitive globally through various exports in the technology and automotive sectors.  North Korea, on the other hand, creates little and boasts little economic competitiveness globally.  The stark difference in living standards between the two countries thus clearly show the link global economic competitiveness has with quality of life.  It is for this reason that increasing competition in today’s society is thought to be a positive trend.

Even on a smaller scale, the benefits of increasing competition can be seen.  Among students in any high school, for example, competition demands results and thus pushes young people to study hard.  This pressure leads students to understand their studies much more thoroughly and therefore receive a better overall education.  Thus, competition between individuals can be seen as positive.

As has been proven, competition on both a small and large scale can lead to positive results.  It is expected that global competition will increase even more, making the speed at which the entire world develops accelerate.

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