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Response as it appears in the video:

Environmental pollution is a serious issue and it is important to take steps on an individual level to reduce it.  But now, since it is becoming an international issue, it is time to take environmental protection to a higher level.  To what extent do you agree or disagree?

During much of the twentieth century, little action was taken to encourage lifestyle changes that are environmentally sound.  However, over the last twenty years, significant efforts have been made to educate humanity about the threats modern lifestyles pose to the environment.  It is agreed that environmental protection efforts need to be brought to the fore of global priorities and taken to a more advanced level of activity.  Manners in which this can be done will be analyzed, namely through the global employment of renewable energy and through global educational efforts.

Firstly, renewable energy needs to be developed further to really make a difference in mankind’s fight against global pollution.  Take solar power, for example.  At the moment, solar power is still notably more expensive than petrol, although the gap is closing quickly.  With a little extra push, solar power could become a cheaper energy source, thus inciting pollution-causing petroleum industries to shift their focus to the renewable energy sector.  It is for this reason that environmental protection should be taken to a higher level.

Secondly, a big part of the fight against pollution is educating people about the measures they can take to help.  For instance, advertizing on highly frequented websites like Facebook could do a lot to raise awareness of the lifestyle people need to employ to best help the environment.  Because online efforts to promote environmental awareness are low at the moment, it is felt increasing them could encourage people to be receptive to new lifestyle changes.  It is for this reason that the idea of beefing up the world’s environmental protection efforts is supported.

After analyzing how growth in renewable energy and awareness can help the current global environmental crisis, it is felt the argument for environmental policy improvements has been proven.  It is recommended these policies be put into action the world over.

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14 Responses to Australian IELTS Academic exam (May 2011) – Suggested Task 2 response video

  1. R. B. says:

    Dear Mr. Ryan,
    I disagree with you in his essay’s answer you have provided. I believe that the test taker should discuss about the consequences of global pollution such as increasing global warming and losing animal and plant biodiversity in high rate but not the ways of controlling the pollution. So your answer is more about ways of controlling global pollution rather than discussing about reasons for arising worth condition because of global pollution. The question asked why we need the broadening of awareness on global pollution but not how we can control the global pollution.
    Sincerely yours,
    R. B.

  2. Ryan says:

    Hi R.B.,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I think you have misunderstood the essay question.

    The first part of the question reads ‘…it is important to take steps on an individual level to reduce it’. Here, ‘take steps’ means to ‘take action’ or, in your words, ‘control’ pollution.

    The second half is simply stating that this ‘controlling’ needs to be taken ‘to a higher level’, which means that the world’s efforts to control environmental pollution need to increase.

    There is no part of the question that asks us to discuss the causes of this pollution. (I am not exactly sure what you mean by ‘for arising worth condition’.)

    Hope that clarifies.


  3. Ahmad says:

    hey Ryan,

    I posted something on one of your links provided here….

    I asked you something related to Ielts essay structure marks, but i am quite amazed at the moment like I cant find the particular link now

    My question is :-

    Do you have any idea like what if student’s essay structure is 100% correct, how much band he will score straight away except his grammer and vocabulary??

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Ahmad,

      The exam doesn’t quite work like that. If you were to write in perfect structure, but your grammar, lexical resources, thesis (if needed) and supporting points/discussion are off you’d probably end up with a negligible score.

  4. Ahmad says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for your quick reply…

    Let say i am going to follow the structure which is being told by you in your workshop exercises….

    And on the top of that let say, my thesis and my vocabulary is like more good enough and there are like no grammatically mistakes…but yeah what if one have used english which is not up to that standard e.g. if you compare his essay to one of yours??

    In simple words essay with proper structure,no grammatical mistakes and thesis is clearly defined…

    any chance of achieving 7 band?

    • Ryan says:

      That is a very difficult question to answer. If your structure, grammar and lexical resources are sound and you’ve understood and responded to your essay question correctly, then I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t receive the mark you need. But the best strategy is to just take the time you need to prepare properly instead of trying to find a short cut. Shoot for a 9. Even if you don’t achieve it, the skills you’ll develop along the way will become invaluable to you.

      Good luck!

      (By the way, I am sorry you have to wait for me to ‘approve’ your comments. I get so much spam on this blog it is impossible for me to simply allow free commenting.)

  5. R. B. says:

    Dear Mr. Ryan,
    Thank you for your clarification. In fact I am practicing writing for General IELTS in 9th May. I have benefited a lot from your videos. The term worth is wrong there and should be “worse”.
    Best Regards, R.B.

    • Ryan says:

      My pleasure, R.B. Thank you for participating via your comments. Is your examination the 9th of May or June? Either way, good luck.

  6. POONAM says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I am trying to achieve 7 each in Academic module. Every time I achieve 7 or more than 7 bands in each section except writing (6.5). I attempted three times but no improvement in my writing band.

    I rarely do grammaticaly mistakes and I also use complex sentences with real world examples. I also follow your recommended structure, still I am not able to make it 7.

    Please suggest me, what I need to do.

    Is this possible if I send you my work for your assessment, so that you can rectify my mistakes and let me know where I am lacking.

    waiting for your response…

    With regards,

  7. gb says:

    Hi Rayan,

    I think the first part of essay is about individual basis of solution and second one is about “now it is necessary to raise the solution (protection) to an international level”. Isn’t it so? I prefer to write additional point regarding how it is changing into international level.

    will it be correct? please write your comments.

  8. gb says:

    I feel sorry for spelling your name, that should be Ryan!


  9. Jawad says:

    I am really lost here. The given answer does not address the question at all.

    We break the question in 3 parts.

    First, “Environmental pollution is a serious issue and it is important to take steps on an individual level to reduce it.”

    So we are given an “individual level” such as the general/common people do/act, e.g. changes in lifestyle, make an effort to educate themselves about the issues, reduce their waste production, take a walk or public transport to work or other places, get their social network acquaintances, friends, family and colleagues to do their fair share of contributions and so on and so forth.

    Steps that “Individuals” take on a “personal level”.

    Second, “But now, since it is becoming an international issue, it is time to take environmental protection to a higher level.”

    And now we are given an “higher level” such as countries, governments, global leaders, business entities, anything of formal/legal standings. Examples may include, United Nations (UN), World Health Organization/Organisation (WHO), Scientific Bodies directly related to the Environmental research and monitoring, industrial corporations and such.

    Steps to be taken by “non-Individuals” on a “higher/formal level”.

    And finally, “To what extent do you agree or disagree?”

    We are asked to take a side. Keep doing what is being done on an individual level as it is sufficient VS. migrate the efforts to a “higher level” due to the “Internalization/internalization” of the issue?

    So we take the side of agreeing and put up reasons as to why we agree!

    We are not asked to provide the steps to be taken but are instead asked that if we agree, why we should take those steps and not what steps.

    I stand to be corrected though.

  10. suma george says:

    hi Ryan,
    iknow its too late but i want to clarify with you something.when i read this essay question the idea i get is that eventhough it is important to take individual actions to control pollution but now polution has risen to a global issue so universal steps must be employed than individual steps.please please do reply

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