Band 9 in Speaking, Listening and Reading! 8.5 in Writing. Impossible? No! Vidit nails it!

Vidit is like the Rocky of IELTS.  Why do I say that?  Because Vidit totally hit it out of the park with his recent IELTS exam.  Check out these scores:

9 in speaking!

9 in reading!

9 in listening!

8.5 in writing!

A native speaker?  Try again.  Vidit grew up in India and tells me he did not come from an English-speaking household.

So what is his secret?  How can a non-native English user go from nothing to band 9?

Click here to listen to my conversation with Vidit and find out!

Band 9 is possible.  Do NOT give up!




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8 Responses to Band 9 in Speaking, Listening and Reading! 8.5 in Writing. Impossible? No! Vidit nails it!

  1. Denis says:

    Hi Ryan!

    As I heard, he said, he grew up in Australia, and most of his mates were Australian and additionally couple were Qiwi, that does matter a lot.

    Anyway amazing result! Cool pace of speach!

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Denis,

      Yes, Vidit’s story is an interesting one. I was blown away when he told me his writing mark was raised from 7.5 to 8.5 after he challenged it!


  2. meme says:

    hi sir ,

    i wish i could had a nice result like him 🙁

    Any way .. my exam is after 5 days and as you see my English is horrible ,, any advises !!


  3. MMM says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Which amazing point he has? Oh My God he speaks as fast as a native speaker. Lived 3 years in Australia and made many friends in Australia.. but look at me Ive never seen a native speaker closely never talked more than 2 weeks continuously before speaking exam and Ive got 3 times band score 7.

  4. sady says:

    OMG! i wish i can speak good English. :(. My English not very good .

  5. Galu says:

    Hi Ryan,

    This is really great source to get insight of IELTS test…Thanks for making it available online…Hope I will share some of my experience in very near future..


  6. Ryan says:

    Hi guys,

    Yes, I would be very interested in interviewing you for the show. Please send me an email with details of your exams.

    Good luck,

  7. Mandy says:

    Whoa, it’s really amazing to see such score. I think it’s every IELTS test taker dream to have the score.
    Taking my test on 19 Jan. I hope to attain something similar.

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