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This is the 2017 version of Ryan’s IELTS Task 2 ebook. In a concise 89 pages, you will learn essay structures and language patterns that will maximise your score on the IELTS. Included are 10 model band 9 responses and step-by-step explanations regarding how they were composed. Extensive language tables are also provided to help you examine new and creative ways to communicate your ideas effectively in an IELTS context. Every chapter in this ebook is accompanied by exercises through which you can test your knowledge and ensure you are progressing. All of the core concepts explained in Ryan’s YouTube videos are available for easy reference in this ebook.

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This work continues to evolve with the IELTS and is now in its fifth edition since its original release in 2010. Purchasing this ebook once entitles you to all future editions FREE OF CHARGE!

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