Dubai and London Academic Task 2 question – full response (as seen in the May IELTS exam)

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Even though developing countries receive financial help, poverty is still an issue.  Some say these nations should be receiving other kinds of support to eliminate poverty.  To what extent do you agree or disagree?  Give examples and suggest what form of help can be offered.

Today, financial aid packages are regularly given to developing countries, however the effectiveness of this practice is often debated.  As the saying goes, ‘giving a person a fish will feed them for a day, but teaching them to fish will feed them for a lifetime’.  In line with this proverb, it is argued that providing specialized skills and education to people in developing nations is much more helpful than the simple donation of money.  This will be shown by analyzing how such a strategy could allow a developing country to create employment as well as robust infrastructure.

Firstly, providing people specialized skills helps to develop industries and create jobs.  Take the relationship between the United States and India, for example.  Many American companies and government bodies have invested in training Indians to handle customer service calls.  This once niche Indian market has now become an incredibly large industry and as a result of its growth has created a tremendous number of jobs.  As this shows, providing developing countries with specialized skills is much more constructive than providing funds.

Secondly, improving a country’s infrastructure is considered to be one of the cruces of a developing economy and this can be accomplished through education.  For example, the entire Chinese driving experience appears to have been modeled after that found in the United States.  By mimicking this highly developed infrastructure, China is providing better access to its smaller towns and cities, which creates more opportunities for business establishment and economical gain.  Thus, helping developing countries to grow their infrastructures can do more for poverty than charitable monies.

It is felt that poverty is best combated through the providing of specialized skills and education and that the supporting points provided in this essay have proven this.  Thus, it is hoped that these strategies are adopted among countries with high incidences of poverty.

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