Example letter response to a Task 1 question seen in Sunderland, UK

Your friend has offered to sell you something.  Write a letter to this friend.  In your letter include:

  • -what the item is
  • -questions requesting details of the item being sold
  • -what price you think is fair

Dear Roger,

I hope this letter finds you in good health.  I am writing regarding the MacBook Pro you have offered to sell to me.  I trust you don’t mind my clarifying a few of the details regarding our pending transaction.

As you mentioned when we last spoke, the computer is in good shape aside from a few minor scratches to the screen.  Can you confirm that these scratches do not interfere with the user’s experience?  Also, I forget to ask you whether this computer is Wi-Fi capable and if the warranty is still valid.  Would you mind getting back to me with this information?

I’ve had a think about the value of the computer, and I would like to share my thoughts with you now.  Assuming that this machine is both Wi-Fi capable and covered by a warranty, I would be willing to offer you $700.  If you can accept this price, I would be happy to come by your home this evening to finalize our exchange.

Looking forward to hearing from you,



About Ryan

I have been developing online IELTS training resources for over 10 years. For more information about me and how I can help your preparation for the IELTS, please email me: ryan@ieltsielts.com
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6 Responses to Example letter response to a Task 1 question seen in Sunderland, UK

  1. JDP says:

    Nice and clear letter. Good ideas to keep the letter simple and error free.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Sudheer says:

    Dear John,

    I hope you are doing great there! I am writing this letter in regards to the car you want to sell to me.

    I have gone through your letter describing the car and some pictures you’ve sent to me. I am very happy with the proposal and honoured to be considered. However, before we finalise the deal, I do have some questions to be clarified. In your letter, you just forget to mention the third party insurance of the car and registration details. The reason being so specific with the insurance company is as some of the companies are a nightmare to deal. Apart from this, I am happy to move forward.

    From the given information to me by you in the letter and doing some market research, it is felt that it would cost $10,000. As it was old model car, I believe this figure is justifiable and fair enough to both of us. Let me know your opinion regarding this.

    Yours Lovingly,


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi there,

    I ve recently realized your web page which is very helpful for me while I am preparing the Ielts on coming weeks..

    However, I read some articles about the writing tone as mention that i little bit confused from your samples…

    I learnt that “friend writing must be friendly way not too much polite and academic words” you write on your FRIEND LETTER “I am writing regarding the MacBook Pro you have offered to sell to me….”

    What do you think if I say instead,

    Dear John,

    How have you been my friend ? Are you still pet your Cat Mama, as far as I can remember she wasnt like anybody even me…. It have so many funny memory with her.

    Anyway , I am quite interested in the MacBook you would like to sell, makes me quite happy because I was planing to buy a Macbook as like yours but after that realized that it will be a little bit over the my budget. As I can assume that we can deal and asap I can finalize the transaction.

    As far as I know your computer didnt have any scatches before I hope stil same as it is.. I am actually currios your keyboard as well, you used to have Japanese alphabet on it. As you know I cant write any Japanese. If you dont mind could you please let me know wheather I can change it bymyself or not

    If you think you are alright wih the price I can change so than my price for your laptop is $500

    I want to have that laptop, believe that i am gonna do very great projets

    Dont forget to keep in touch again

    Take care

    Best wishes


  4. Philip says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I come from the academic world, and I was told that abbreviations are not welcome in academic writing.

    But you use “I’ve” in your letter. Does it mean another rule apply on the general writing?


  5. alex says:

    I was wondering if the word “my clarifying” is correct. Should it be ‘my clarification’?


  6. Rohit says:


    I would like to ask a question.

    In the closing sentence, you have used “comma” at the end like:
    Looking forward to hear from you,

    However, I use full stop every time writing after the closing sentence like mentioned below.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Please suggest if I am wrong from IELTS point of view and loose marks for this.

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