Finishing your IELTS essay strong

Your essay’s conclusion paragraph plays a critical role in your essay. Just as your introduction paragraph needs to provide your reader with a plan for your essay, your conclusion needs to leave your reader clearly understanding your position regarding your essay question.

Typically, your essay’s conclusion paragraph will be written in 3 sentences. The first provides a brief review of the 2 supporting points you brought up earlier, while the second provides a restatement of your thesis using different words. Connecting these 2 sentences is an effective way to begin your conclusion paragraph. Thus, your conclusion paragraph will begin something like this:

‘After analyzing (insert supporting point 1) and (insert supporting point 2), it is clear that (insert restatement of thesis).’

Following this, the student needs to conclude their essay. This is best done with a comment of some kind. Normally in my classes, I recommend students finish their essays with a prediction or recommendation:

‘It is recommended…’

‘It is predicted…’

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