Full model essay for a Task 2 question seen in Brisbane, Australia on 25 June 2011 (General exam)

Why do so many people live lives full of stress and pressure?  Discuss the reasons and give possible solutions.

In the modern world, living a life rife with stress appears to be a fairly common plight.  Although the reasons for this appear to be many in number, it is argued this unfortunate state of existence results from different causes in developed and developing countries respectively.  These causes and their suggested solutions will be analyzed in this essay.

Firstly, it is argued that much of the stress experienced in developed countries comes as a result of the new economic competitiveness of Asia.  Today, Indian and Chinese brands are becoming stronger and rivaling those of their Western counterparts.  Although this competitiveness is good for the world’s economy as a whole, there is no doubt that it is causing increased anxiety and feelings of unease among many Western multinationals as they work hard to maintain their market share.

Pressures in the developing world, on the other hand, are thought to be often caused by unrealistic ideals.  For example, the Internet has opened the eyes of the world to the affluent living conditions of those in the United States.  Although owning a large house and having multiple cars may be plausible for the average American, it simply is not feasible at this time for the average Chinese person.  Thus, people living in China who hold their ideal living conditions to the level found in the United States are bound to burden themselves with unnecessary pressure.

After analyzing the major causes of stress and pressure in developed and developing countries, it is felt both groups could benefit from relocation.  For those in developed countries, travelling to Asia would allow them to become a part of the growth happening there.  For people hailing from developing countries, living in the West could make possible their ideal lifestyle aspirations.  It is hoped this suggested solution helps to reduce stress and pressure in the world today.


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