Full Task 1 model response to a real question seen on the June 2011 Dhaka General exam

(This question taken from www.ielts-blog.com.)

You recently visited a tourist attraction.  Although the experience was an enjoyable one, you had a minor problem.  Write a letter to the manager of this attraction and say:

-what you enjoyed about the attraction

-what was the problem

-what you suggest the manager do to rectify the problem

To the management of the Ottawa Strawberry Fields Company,

My family was fortunate enough to visit your fruit farm this past weekend during the last leg of our Canadian tour.  Although we had a wonderful time picking berries and learning about Canadian agricultural history, the purpose of this letter is to bring a problem we had to your attention.  Please allow me to explain what happened to fully put you in the picture.

Basically, as we were departing and walking to our rented car, we were accosted by a number of aggressive peddlers looking to sell us touristy goods.  Despite our best efforts to ignore them, these peddlers made attempts to prevent us from leaving and yelled obscenities at us when we refused to purchase their cheap goods.

I am aware that the sellers we met in your parking lot are not affiliated with your company, however I would expect the Ottawa Strawberry Fields Company to do what it can to keep these sorts of people away from its patrons.



Ryan’s notes:

  • Ottawa Strawberry Fields Company is a fictional place

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