General Task 1 question seen in Sofia, Bulgaria, July 2011 – Full response

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Write a letter to a friend in a foreign country.  In your letter you should:

  • ask what kind of job you would be able to get there
  • ask what the working conditions are there
  • explain why you want to work there

Ryan’s note:

  • I posted a response to a very similar question a few weeks back.  It looks like this question has been repeated a few times in various cities around the world.

Dear Anna,

I hope you are in good spirits and health. It has been much too long since we last met. I am writing to you to tell you that, like you, I have decided to pursue a career in design in New York City and was hoping you could provide me with some guidance based on your experiences there.

Let me start by saying that I am so excited to finally have the opportunity to travel to a foreign country.  It has always been my dream to live in New York City and to experience life within one of the world’s most multicultural metropolises.  However, I am a little anxious about a few things.  For one, what kind of job do you think a design major like me could get there?  How would you describe the working conditions?

I am really looking forward to your response.  When I arrive, we’ll have to catch up over chili dogs at a Giants game!

Bye for now,


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