How to score band 9 in all sections of the exam!

In the follow video, I revisit the preparation strategies Vidit (band 9) and Toby (band 8) shared with me in their respective interviews. Try applying these IELTS methods of study to your own regimen:

I also had a very interesting interview with Sabih, an IELTS candidate that scored band 7 on his first attempt. Sabih is an interesting case as he did very little studying before his exam. To hear the entire interview, click here!

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5 Responses to How to score band 9 in all sections of the exam!

  1. Bob Thomas says:

    Hi, Ryan! Getting a band 9 is such a tall order. For my students, just getting a 7 is already a struggle. But these are great tips from these IELTS candidates. There are some people who already have a strong language foundation. For those with minimal language experience, they really need more time to study.

  2. sanket shah says:

    Fantastic ..i am preparing for IELTS and it seems very helpful .

    thank you RYAN

  3. abcd_klm says:

    The tips given by vidit was really helpful, especially while answering the reading section. I tried it for the reading test and I scored 8.That was to write the answer number on the text itself as the answers are generally appears in order.Thanks for recording it.

  4. Yevgeny says:

    According to my practice, I don’t agree that NG is when 100% absent. Please comment your view more clearly with an example.

  5. mks says:

    Hi Ryan
    Your accent is pretty understandable and clear, keep it up.Do u have any idea for me so that i can mimic a accent like Vidit here? as you know while speaking i have to think ideas, grammer and others so it’s bit tough to concentrate on accent too.

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