How to write the very first sentence in your IELTS essay…

Here are the Task 2 openers suggested in the video:

  1. __________ continue to __________, and this is causing __________.
  2. __________ is an unfortunate reality in the world today.
  3. Choosing __________ to __________ is an extremely important question for __________.
  4. __________ is one of the major challenges in the modern world.
  5. Over the past several years, __________ has been steadily increasing.
  6. The __________ has proved to be a serious question for humanity in modern times.
  7. An often contested subject is __________.
  8. __________ are important considerations __________.
  9. __________ is an often debated topic.
  10. The growing presence of __________ is a pressing concern today.

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