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Television has changed the quality of life for the ordinary person.  Do you agree or disagree?

One of the most globally influential inventions of the twentieth century is the television.  The efficiency with which television has made the conveying of information is remarkable.  It is argued that television has altered the quality of life for the ordinary person.  This will be shown by looking at both how televised images alter the speed with which information is exchanged and how television has caused social restructuring.

Firstly, the invention of television has revolutionized the way humanity shares information with one another.  For example, during the Second World War, televised visuals were extremely effective in maintaining a heightened understanding of the situation overseas for Americans and Canadians at home.  Because of television, these families were able to more clearly comprehend the difficulties their young men and women were facing and it is argued this was an improvement to the living standards their ancestors experienced during World War I.

Secondly, television has fundamentally affected the manner in which people interact with each other.  For instance, traditionally a person would congregate with others for entertainment, but with the advent of television this did not need to happen.  Thus, television in effect has replaced communal interaction as the main outlet for amusement among most people.  Whether this is for better or worse, it is difficult to argue television has not radically changed the lifestyle of ordinary people.

After analyzing how television changed both the way global information is shared and the level to which people interact with each other, it is felt the degree to which television has affected the lives of most human beings is significant.  It is believed television has paved the way for new media sources such as the Internet.

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