IELTS Task 1 (General) – Question from an exam in India (April)

Write a letter to the principle of your college to inform him that you have joined an evening course that appears not to match its description in the college brochure.

In your letter, you should include:

-why you have joined the course

-how the course is different from the brochure description

-what action you expect the principal to take

Start your letter with:

Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you regarding a course I am taking at Homer College that appears to bear little resemblance to its description in the school’s brochure.

You see, about one month ago I came across your brochure which described a Bantu Languages weekend course that could be applied as a credit towards the university’s Bachelor of Arts degree.  As a languages major myself, I was very interested in taking this course to help fast track my studies at Homer.  Currently, however, we are three weeks into the course and have spent little time analyzing Bantu-related topics.  Our professor, Dr. Yule, seems very accomplished but has a tendency to let his lectures shift towards general African history.  As this isn’t really in keeping with the brochure’s description, I’m sure you can understand I feel a bit baffled as to what the nature of this course is.

What I would appreciate is if the college could get back to me to confirm whether this is a history or languages course.  If the latter, I would hope someone would have a word with Dr. Yule to help him stay more on topic.

Thank you,


Ryan’s notes:

  • As far as I know, ‘Homer College’ doesn’t really exist.
  • You may be interested to note the way ‘bear little resemblance’, ‘accomplished’, ‘baffled as to waht’ and ‘if the latter’ are used.

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2 Responses to IELTS Task 1 (General) – Question from an exam in India (April)

  1. tammy says:

    thanks..that was v.helpfull.
    bless u

  2. R. B. says:

    This A letter from me in response to the IELTS Question
    Dear Sir,
    I, R. B., with Matric Number GS20819, am writing this letter regarding to curriculum of the Animal Genetics Course, which is being held on Wednesday evenings.
    I have joined the course with considering the outline and curriculum, which are issued in the college brochure. Five sessions of the course presented by the lecturer but the discussion subjects are still on general Genetics rather than Animal Genetics more over there were no practical sessions for the course until now for the reason of lack of laboratory equipment, although it is emphasized in the college brochure.
    I would like to ask you to go through the presented course materials as well as equip the laboratory facilities in order to fulfill the college duties regarding the students of this course.
    I hope you have high concern about college courses quality and look forward to hearing from you soon. I appreciate your kind attention for the matter.
    R. B.

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