IELTS Task 1 structure outline video

My first in a series of videos I am going to complete over the coming weeks regarding how to properly structure yout IELTS Academic Task 1 response. Please comment and provide some feedback.

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  1. terry says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Im so glad for your lessons through this site.Iam a female from kenya done general IELTS twice last year now i would like to do it for the third and the last time.I would like you to give me tips on Questions such as true,false and yes,no, not given and also matching the headings because thats where i have a major problem.
    I did alot of practise with a certain teacher in Jan,Feb and March but had a break till June and thats where iam try to write better than i did.I have already booked my exams for 25June kindly i need your assistance in this final Exams.
    The previous one i did in November 2010 and got Listening6,Reading6,writing6 and speaking 7.
    Iwill appreciate your efforts to assist me.
    Thank you in advance,

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