(Invitation) Let’s meet tonight on ielts-chat.com

To IELTS students all over the world,

I would like to invite you to a chat session at www.ielts-chat.com from 8-9pm tonight, Shanghai, China time (see the list below for timing in your region).  Our topic for this evening will be the writing section of the exam.  Please bring your questions and I will do what I can to answer them for you during our time together.

Regional timings:

  • 10 pm Melbourne, Australia
  • 8 pm Shanghai, China
  • 4 pm Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 1 pm London, United Kingdom
  • 8 am New York, United States
  • 5 am Vancouver, Canada (Sorry, guys!  We’ll try to find a better slots for you next time.)

For those of you who are not familiar with www.ielts-chat.com, it is a completely free chat room where we can meet up and discuss the IELTS examination.  Students can meet other students and make arrangements for partnered study (perhaps through Skype or another medium).

To log in, choose a username and click ‘Go chat!’:

After logging in, you may wish to change your font colour to make it easier for us to keep track of who is speaking (if everyone uses black it can sometimes be difficult).  To do this, choose the icon from the bottom right hand corner of the chat screen:

You will then see chat settings that you can alter.  Scroll down and find the setting labeled ‘Persist font color’ and turn it ON:

Then select a font colour by click ‘Font’ at the bottom of the screen:

And you are done!

See you tonight!


About Ryan

I have been developing online IELTS training resources for over 10 years. For more information about me and how I can help your preparation for the IELTS, please email me: ryan@ieltsielts.com
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