Listen to my conversation with a quadrilingual person! Nakisa scores 8.5 in speaking!

This past week has been terrific!  I had the opportunity to speak to three students about their success on the IELTS exam.  In this conversation, Nakisa (who speak Farsi, English, German and some Arabic) shared her secrets to language acquisition.  From strategies to specific titles, Nakisa really helps paint the picture for what IELTS students need to do to succeed on the exam.  Here are the book titles she shares during our talk:

I know some of you may feel Interchange is too elementary for an IELTS student, but I would like to point out that Interchange does a very good job of describing American accent production.  It provides lots of sample dialogues and breaks sentences down into basic sounds to help the student strengthen their pronunciation.  (For more advanced training, try a book like American Accent Training.)

Without further ado, here’s my full exchange with Nakisa!

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