May 2011 – IELTS Academic Task 2 exam question (as reported by student)

An online student of mine faced the following Task 2 question recently on their exam:

People nowadays live longer than they used to.  What caused this situation?  Is it a negative or positive development?

People today enjoy longer life spans than at any other point in human history.  The most notable causes of this are generally accepted to be the medical and technological advancements of the twentieth century and the heightened ability of nations to share information with each other.  It is argued these advancements and the ultimate postponement of death yield positive results the world over.  This will be proven by looking at how longer life spans give people more time to contribute creatively to the world as well as a chance to develop a heightened level of wisdom that only comes with age.

Firstly, the longer people live, the more time they have to create things and the richer human culture becomes.  A tragic example of the caliber of talent humanity can lose when great creators die young is Mozart.  Mozart died in his thirties, which was young, even for his time.  Had he the privilege of living longer, he could have contributed so much more to the world.  Thus, it is clear why the extending of the mortal deadline should be seen as a positive thing.

Another constructive quality that comes as a result of living a long time is wisdom.  As most people would agree, persons of age tend to have a deeper understanding of the world than their younger counterparts.  Thus, it is argued the collective wisdom of humanity could be increased simply by providing more people with the opportunity to live longer.  It is for this reason that the idea of extending lifespan is considered a good thing.

After looking at how age allows people to create more in addition to awarding them wisdom, it is felt that the delaying of the point at which a person passes can only be seen as a positive thing.  It is hoped human evolution will continue to postpone the inevitable arrival of death.

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  1. B B says:

    Hi.many thanks that was afantastic one

  2. B B says:

    Hi many thanks that was afantastic essay

  3. Rosie says:

    Hi Ryan,

    This was the task 2 in my IELTS exam in Melbourne in 19 May 2011. After reading your essay, i realised that I might have misunderstood the essay structure in my exam. What i did was:

    – Introduction: stating situation: People nowadays live longer than they used to do, generally explaining the reasons of technology and medical help.

    – Body: I developed these explanations in three separate paragraphs with supporting ideas and examples.

    – Conclusion: I gave my personal idea that this is a positive development with one or two supporting sentences.

    I got 6.5 for my writing. I wonder if my essay structure was one of the reasons? Can you please analyse the task respond for “Situation – Reasons” like this essay if it is possible. I actually followed a structure given in a writing material, but Im so confused now. I trust your clear explanation will definitely clear my doubt.

    PS: By the way, do you offer any service of writing correction? I am targeting Wring 7.0.

    Thank you.


  4. Bincy Rony says:

    Sir, iwould like to score individual 7,but i am very poor in this can i improve & score,which i want.really icannot buy ur books ,because now i unemployed& my condion also poor.If i achieve 7 band score iwill get a job

  5. Christian Grey says:

    i wasnt able to finish task1 and i have done an excellent task 2. Is it possible to get a 7 in writing task? Please Simon help

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