Memorizing model essays to improve grammatical accuracy on the IELTS

Is grammar what’s holding you back from band 8? Watch this video to learn about a new strategy that can help you improve your grammatical accuracy:

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3 Responses to Memorizing model essays to improve grammatical accuracy on the IELTS

  1. Emad Seety says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I’m wondering if you’re now in Canada because I need in-class course to improve my score. I always get all over score 7 or even more, however I need 7 in each component to start my career in Canada. I’m living in Richmond Hill, ON.
    Thank you.

  2. Asad says:

    Hey Ryan,
    Hope you’re keeping well.
    I need 7 band in each category and my last two scores are L:8 R:7 W:6 S:7. Both results are same and now I am very frustrated. One day, I memorized the model essay and I got 5.5 in the writing test. Isn’t it bad to memorize? and I asked IElTS examiner about memorizing but she said, I wouldn’t get any bands for it.

  3. Anton says:

    Ryan, and could you provide with a collection of, say, the best 20 band-9 essays with wide range of sentence types in all of 4 paragraph? I know there are many in your blog, bug is there a “top” collection to grab sentence examples from?

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