Model Academic essay in response to a question seen 19 May 2012 in the UK

Various fertilizers are used nowadays for food production.  This is a practice that has more drawbacks than benefits.  Do you agree or disagree?

Since the advent of fertilizers and other crop producing chemicals, farming output has increased exponentially.  Yet there are many sound scientific findings that indicate the damage such crop additives cause to human health.  Despite this, I argue that fertilizers, when used in appropriate doses, pose more benefits than drawbacks.  This will be shown by analyzing the positive effects fertilizers have on crop production and farmland requirements.

For one, fertilizers induce larger harvests, and this can have substantial effects on countries in need of additional sustenance.  For example, great famines that have occurred due to natural causes, such as the Irish potato famine, could have been alleviated or even averted were the technology of crop fertilization available to farmers at that time.  As history has shown, chemical additives can greatly increase a crop’s robustness to disease and poor weather conditions.  Thus, it is for this reason that fertilizer’s role in crop production, particularly in areas unwelcoming to cultivation, should be supported.

In addition to this, fertilizer can help reduce the amount of land needed to produce foodstuffs.  This is especially helpful to population dense countries like Indonesia.  Chemical additives help farmers produce more food on smaller plots of land, which encourages the reservation of space and stimulation of economies.  As this discussion shows, responsible fertilizer use is a practice that has many positive points.

As this essay has illustrated, the chemical boosting of crop harvests should not be a practice quickly dismissed without first looking at the benefits it brings to people.  Fertilizers can be considered safe so long as they are used in controlled amounts.

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  1. Hayman Ahmed says:

    Dear writer as I understood in this type of question about agree or disagree that we have to show the both side of the essay and to be bias with one of these opinions.

    Please give me your attention about that ,and I’m keen to know whether we could state only one opinion or not.

    Thank you

  2. Bahga says:

    Dear Ryan,

    God bless you.Thank you very much for your help and I really appreciate it.In this type of question can I answered it from both point of view, I mean the first supporting para agree and the second disagree because sometimes it is difficult to give an effective example for only agree or disagree.

  3. Anonymous says:

    With great respect to the work that you do with this blog, I say that you should remove ‘pesticides’ from the essay. I think you need to show at least one drawback in order to draw the conclusion that use of fertilizers has more advantages.

  4. Harold says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for posting this essay.

    I would like to know the band mark for this written essay.

  5. AGQ says:

    Hi .. thanks your essay , however, I did this exam(19 of May) and the topic wasn’t like this!! it’s relating to the food but not as you mentioned above.


  6. Yo says:

    Dear Ryan,
    In my view, there should be at least a disavantage of crop addictives, which will makes the essay more plausible and not lopsidedly- advantage listed.

  7. parveen says:

    Dear Ryan,
    Than you for your kindness for us i really getting help with this blog,I want say that my test will be on 09th jun i want 7band so how can i get please help me.

  8. Yo says:

    Dear Ryan,
    I wonder whether in an argument essay, if i adhere to the advantages of an idea, should i list one disadvantage?

  9. JD says:

    Guys, make yourself a favor watch Ryan’s posted videos on you tube on how to structure an argument/ discussion type of essay or how to answer an essay facing different type of questions. Doing so will help yourself a big favor from saving all these kind of questions to yourself. Surely you’ll be enlightened as I am. 😉

    Another great essay Ryan thanks!

  10. Bahga says:

    Hello Sir,
    Two weeks ago I bought your eBooks but to be honest I never looked at it carefully. When I Saw your response to this essay, I felt lost but when I went back to your eBooks and looked at it with open eyes now I realized how to response to different types of essay.
    Thank you very much again for your efforts.

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