Model Academic Task 1 response to a question seen in India in April 2012

The following chart illustrates the results of a British survey taken in 2005.  Write a report summarizing the data shown.


The chart illustrates housing preferences among people who lived in the British cities of London, Oxford and Cambridge in the year 2005.  It appears partiality towards certain housing types is inverted between larger and smaller English cities.

58% of Londoners list ‘flats’ as their preferred living arrangement, a number much higher than its Oxford and Cambridge counterparts, at 29% and 20% respectively.  Fondness of terraced housing is roughly equal between the three cities, all of which show figures within the 16% to 19% range.  However, a stark difference is seen among the figures representing people who prefer detached houses, with London clocking in at 9%, Oxford at 25% and Cambridge at 36%.  Semi-detached housing also shows a pattern of variation that appears to be sensitive to city size.  17% of people living in London in 2005 preferred this style of housing.  Oxford and Cambridge, however, both have figures of 27%.

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