(Model Academic Task 1 Response) Response to the lastest IELTS Academic Task 1 question as seen in Brunei

Thank you to our friends Rumi (Bangladesh), Srikanth (I’m guessing India; let me know if I am wrong, Srikanth), Peter (China) and Denis (Russia) for taking the time to produce these Task 1 data sources for us.  I’ll try to get a bit of everyone’s work up over the next few days.

This bar graphs outlines literacy rates for a number of nations in 2004.  Write a report for a university lecturer of at least 150 words describing the information shown here.


This graph illustrates the various literacy levels of a handful of countries around the world in 2004.  The countries listed appear to be a fairly balanced group of nations from a variety of regions around the globe.

According to the graph, Georgia and Slovakia, with literacy rates of what looks like 100% and just shy of 100% respectively, were the most literate countries in the list for this time period.  Israel ranked third most literate, with roughly 97%.  Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, Qatar, Brazil, Peru and Turkey appeared to share an almost identical literacy rate of 88%.  Literacy in Syria in 2004 was slightly lower, at 80%, while the percentages of Tunisia and Cambodia hovered in the low 70s.  Haiti, at 62%, Pakistan, at less than 50%, and Sierra Leone, at 35%, make up the most illiterate countries depicted in the list.  The average literacy for these countries in 2004 is estimated to be about 80%.

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7 Responses to (Model Academic Task 1 Response) Response to the lastest IELTS Academic Task 1 question as seen in Brunei

  1. shumaila says:

    thanx for ur support for Ielts student…. can u guide about structure of cause and effect and prob solution essays….. my exam is day after tomorrow … but i m still confused about the format of these essays

    • Ryan says:

      Many people are taking the exam this Saturday. Is there something special about this date?

      Shumaila, I suggest following an argument essays structure to respond to those types of questions (unless the question explicitly asks you to do otherwise).

      Good luck,

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi Ryan, this is my first time to visit your blog, i find it very useful. thanks a heap! this is really what i need to score higher than my previous writing result which was 6. charlotte

  3. Rocky says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I have been following your lessons on this website for past few weeks. I thank you from bottom of my heart, for the great contribution you are making towards helping people like me. I have succeeded in my IELTS which helped to get my medical registration done in Australia. Got results on 9/3/2012.

    L-8.5, R-7.0, W-7.5, S-8.5.

    Many Thanks,

  4. Claudia Lane says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Hope you are well.

    Did you use the single data source structure to answer this question?

    I thought minor details should be on paragraph 1 and on paragraph 2 should be only explanation, elaboration and summary/prediction or comment.

    Can we vary the structure and write only 2 sentences (data type description and broad) on paragraph 1?

    I am confused…

    I appreciate if you can clarify this for me.



    • Ryan says:

      Hi Claudia,

      Yes, you can. Actually, it sounds to me like you are referring to the structure I share in the first version of my ebook. With the help of some examiners, I have revised this structure a little bit. Please email me a copy of your online receipt for ebook 1 and I will send you the new version.

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