(Model essay) Academic essay question as seen in Vietnam on 3 December 2011

Ryan’s notes:

  • In this essay question, we are not directly asked to ‘analyse’ or ‘discuss’ both the positive and negative sides of the stated position. Thus, I chose a side and responded to the question in an argument essay format.

Today’s food travels thousands of miles before it reaches customers. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative trend?

In today’s world, the laws of supply and demand dictate the travel patterns for food. In some cases, food travels extreme distances before it reaches the end user. However, regardless of the distance between production and consumption, I feel that the increasing trade in foodstuffs is a positive trend in the world today. This will be shown by looking at the cultural and economic benefits that derive from international trade in edible goods.

For one, the trading of food between countries can be seen as evidence of cultural amalgamation, and this is a positive thing. For example, Japanese sushi, once considered an oddity among most western circles, is now consumed as regularly in the United States as many American dishes. Culinary exchanges such as this are evidence of the world’s ongoing growth towards a united culture. As the blurring of cultural differences can bring with it understanding, tolerance and peace, this example shows how the trading of foods over great distances can be seen as a positive thing.

In addition to this, the buying and selling of food among nations provides employment opportunities to workers around the world. For instance, global demand for coffee has allowed Columbia to exercise a geographical advantage it has in the production of this product. Because coffee can be shipped great distances without spoiling, this example acts as evidence of the benefits that derive from the transporting of food to other countries. Thus, the positive results that come from foodstuffs traversing thousands of miles before consumption can be seen.

After analysing how food permitted to travel around the world helps to create cultural understanding and stimulate economies, I feel I have proven that this pattern brings with it more benefits than drawbacks, and I hope the international foodstuffs trade continues to grow.

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