(Model essay) Academic exam question as seen in Kazakhstan and India, September 2011

Some people think that the government should provide assistance to all kinds of artists including painters, musicians and poets.  However, other people think that this is a waste of money. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

An often debated topic is whether a government should provide its country’s artists with assistance or not.  Many believe such assistance is a prudent use of a nation’s wealth and should thus be supported.  However, others feel this kind of spending is wasteful.  Both sides of the argument will be discussed in this essay before a conclusion is reached.

According to many, government funding of the arts can benefit a country’s cultural identity.  A good example of this is the anime art culture of Japan.  Today, anime is a globally recognized art form and as such, a huge draw for tourists.  As this shows, providing government assistance to artists can have positive ramifications across different channels within a country.  It is thus understandable why many people support this stance.

On the other hand, many argue this kind of spending is wasteful.  The core of this argument typically spotlights developing countries.  People basically feel that among these countries government money may perhaps best be used to solve social problems, such as establishing safe drinking water and roads to rural communities.  When looking at the discussion in this light, the merits in not utilizing government funds on artists can be seen.

After examining both sides of the question, it is felt that in most circumstances government assistance to artists begets greater benefits to the country at large.  Thus, it is hoped nations around the world responsibly tailor financial aid to their artists in a manor that best benefits the needs of their people.


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