(Model essay) Academic module Task 2 question as seen in Cologne, Germany

What are the advantages and disadvantages of maternity leave?  Which side do you feel outweighs the other?

Laws and social practices surrounding maternity leave vary widely from one country to another.  Equally varied are the positions people take on whether maternity leave brings with it more advantages or disadvantages.  A conclusion will be reached following this essay’s discussion of these two positions.

On the one hand, the benefits young families receive from paid work leave are evident.  For one, it gives new mothers a chance to properly prepare for the birth of their child and recuperate afterward.  Not having to shoulder the financial burdens that come with taking unpaid leave, mothers can focus entirely on providing a healthy home environment for their new baby.  Thus, the advantages that come from maternity leave are obvious.

However, paid maternity leave can also cause some hesitation towards the hiring of women, particularly among high-pressure corporate positions.  For example, often companies in Shanghai will ask job seeking women whether they are married or not.  By hiring unmarried women, these firms hope to circumvent the need to provide parental leave should one of their married employees decide to start a family.  As these sorts of practices are not isolated to only Shanghai, it is clear that maternity programs have the disadvantage of indirectly encouraging sexism.

Following this look, it is difficult to say the disadvantages of maternity leave outweigh the advantages.  Thus, I feel programs that offer new mothers paid work leave provide more benefits than drawbacks, and I hope that parental leave programs will continue to develop and improve into the foreseeable future.


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6 Responses to (Model essay) Academic module Task 2 question as seen in Cologne, Germany

  1. KT says:

    Hi Ryan
    I recently wrote IELTs in London on 4th …. The academic essay question was same i think a little difference was there ” in some countries maternity leave will give to mother on early stage of delivery”
    What do you think advantages overweigh the disadvsnges?
    – I just wrote introduction, nd I agreed merits or more than demerits nd discussed the advantages such as psychological , physiologically good for mother….
    Then few line added about economically good for family then I wrote conclusion I didn’t discuss the disadvantages…. Do u think it will be fine….

    • Ryan says:

      Hi KT,

      It sounds alright, but I hope your writing was more grammatically accurate than the message you’ve written here.

      Good luck,

  2. sassiya says:

    Hello Ryan,
    As I read the topic I first gave it a thought,before reading the essay. What I believe advantage of maternity leave is a peaceful upbringing of baby with the money to spend in goodness for both mom and child. In contrary, disadvantage of maternity leave is the whole time of mom will be in looking after baby. Thus, away from work will bring anti-socail attitude.
    However,as I read the essay the disadvantage focus on not giving maternity leave. Please help me in solving this confusion.

    • Ryan says:

      @sassiya I think your first point sounds fairly valid. The second (‘anti-social behaviour’) might be a little hard to support, unless your can think of a clear example. Maybe a personal experience?

  3. yo says:

    i think, this essay is argumentative essay.thus we have to show our perspectives directly at the intro graph.But the intro graph of this one strikes me as a discussion essay. Can you explain it to me, Ryan?

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Yo,

      You are right, the question does ask us for our opinion. But it also asks us to look at the ‘advantages and disadvantages’ of the topic. Thus, I organized my essay to discuss both sides and shared my opinion in the concluding paragraph.

      Good luck,

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