(Model essay) General exam in late July as seen in Perth, Australia

Ryan’s notes:

  • Several students told me they saw the following question on their General exam in Australia.  (Thanks to those students for passing on the info.)

High school aged students should be taught how to manage money.  Do you agree or disagree?

Often, people debate whether personal money management is a suitable topic for a high school classroom.  However, having an understanding of monetary manipulation is a skill that everyone in the world needs to have at least basic knowledge of.  Thus, it is agreed that high school aged students should be taught how to manage money.  This will be shown by analyzing how such a course can both instill good business sense in young people as well as prepare them for the working world they face after finishing their education.

Firstly, one of the merits of educating students about money matters is that it often fosters business success later in life.  For instance, a high school friend of mine was taught how to manage money by his father, who owned and ran a car dealership.  Today, this same friend runs a very profitable company, no doubt partly because of the financial information his father bestowed upon him.  As this shows, providing young people with information regarding how to handle money is a good thing.

In addition to this, teaching adolescents about how to regulate their funds helps to prepare them for independence.  For example, during my senior year in high school, I was privileged enough to be enrolled in an accounting course which taught a unit of study entitled ‘Managing Money’.  I found that the topics covered in this unit were extremely helpful the following year when I moved on to university and out of my parents’ house.  As my experience shows, teaching young people how to be financially independent can be helpful to them later in their lives.

After looking at how adolescents are benefitted through basic monetary instruction, it has been proven that this course of study is a positive thing.  Thus, it is hoped that high school aged students the world over be exposed to some kind of training regarding the handling of money.

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