(Model essay) General IELTS exam in India, July 2011

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Nowadays we see an increase in social problems involving teenagers. Many people believe that it is because parents spend more time at work and less with their children. Do you agree or disagree?

The nuclear family of today is much different than that of fifty years ago.  It is increasingly common for both parents to work, and this is often argued to be the cause of social problems among their teenage children.  It is agreed that the social problems adolescents often experience are the direct result of their parents busy work schedules.  This will be proven by looking at a Canadian case study of this phenomenon in action as well as the universal correlation that exists between youth social problems and neglectful parents.

Firstly, teenagers of absent parents often do not get the direction they need to develop as socially competent individuals.  For example, it has been statistically proven that depressed teenagers in Canada typically interact with their parents less than one hour per day.  This example makes it clear that without parental guidance, adolescent people develop social abnormalities.  Thus, it is clear that parents need to prioritize more time for their teenage children, even if this means reducing the number of hours they work.

Secondly, statistics clearly show a link between parental neglect and the numbers of youths afflicted with social problems.  For instance, the number of teenagers suffering with anxiety is a figure that moves in tandem with the number of dual-income households.  The positive correlation between these trends makes it obvious that parents who work too much are acting as a detriment to the mental welfare of their children.  It is thus clear that parents need to spend less time working for the sake of their offspring.

After analyzing this topic, it can be seen that parents who spend copious amounts of time away from their children cause more harm than good.  Thus, it is recommended that the modern family budget time for their developing young people.

Ryan’s note:

  • I am unsure whether the examples shared in this essay are accurate or not.  (I had trouble coming up with examples for this essay on the spot!)

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