Should parents limit the time children allot to certain media? Have a look at this model IELTS essay…

Most children spend a lot of time watching television and playing computer games. Should parents limit the time their children spend on such activities?

Most would agree that modern lifestyles involve a barrage of electronic distractions. Unfortunately, children engage these electronic pass-times for extended periods and this can lead to negative outcomes. Thus, I feel parents should control the quantity of time children commit to idle endeavours, such as television, computer games and the Internet. This will be proven by looking at how engaging these sorts of hobbies for long periods of time can negatively affect a child’s studies and health.

Firstly, children who idle away time in front of electronic toys tend to develop poor study habits. For example, a recent study in Canada revealed a negative correlation between the daily number of hours a high school student spends in front of the television and their marks in school. As this example shows, there is a clear and very obvious relationship between television exposure and academic performance. Thus, it is obvious that parents are best to restrict the amount of time children plug in to these sorts of mediums.

In addition to this, a child’s health can be negatively affected via overexposure to electronic device usage. Take childhood physical development as an example. As most would agree, a child’s physical development depends directly on their receiving a certain amount of exercise on a daily basis. This amount of exercise simply is not possible if this young person logs several hours in front of a computer every day. As this example shows, a parent’s control of a child’s media intake is required for the child’s well-being.

After analysing the negative ramifications too much exposure to electronic mediums can have on young people, it has been proved that proper parental guidance must include efforts to ration a child’s television, computer and Internet exposure. I hope this essay helps persuade parents to more involved forms of parenting.

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