Would you support a government decision to invest in films in your country? Here is a sample Task 2 essay on the subject…

A number of students in Hong Kong told me they saw this question on their exam.  The wording varied from one student to another, but I believe I’ve caught the basic gist of the Task description here.  I’m not sure how the students writing in Hong Kong responded, as their film industry is already pretty well established!

In most countries, people watch more foreign than local films. Why do you think this is so? Would you support a government decision to invest in films in your country? Include examples in your essay.

Today, select areas of the world boast well-established film industries. However, as most people do not come from countries with such film heavyweights, it is understandable why most movie consumers watch foreign films before locally produced ones. The Canadian government’s financial backing of the local film industry is supported. The merits of this will be shown by analysing how such a move could bring more recognition to Canadian culture and how a growing film industry could attract the talent of the world.

Firstly, a burgeoning film industry could expose Canadian culture to the globe. This phenomenon has already occurred in India’s Bollywood. For example, movies like Baghban, which experienced considerable popularity in countries outside of India, did a lot to promote international recognition of Indian family structure and culture. The same recognition could come to Canadian culture were its movie industry to grow in size. As this shows, a move to provide funding to Canadian moviemakers could have positive ramifications for the country at large.

Secondly, by providing the world a view of life in Canada through movies, greater pull for international talent could be established. For instance, many university graduates the world over travel to the USA to live and experience the images they know from the American movies they watch. They also bring with them the skills and abilities they have developed abroad and this make the United States a much more competitive country as a whole. Canadian movies could help to encourage a similar growth in international migration by doing the same. Thus, the benefits of funding such an industry can be seen.

After looking at how the government could promote the country’s image as a whole by investing in the movie industry, it is clear why this is a channel that should be pursued.  I therefore hope steps are taken to provide support to Canadian films.


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