(Model essay) IELTS Academic essay in response to a question seen in India and Saudi Arabia in January 2012

Do you feel artists like writers, musicians and painters still have value in modern society? Discuss.

The role artists play in modern society is an often debated topic.  On the one hand, many people see art and culture as critical components to a society’s image and sense of identity.  Others, however, feel that the significance of a society’s arts is overrated in the modern world.  This essay will analyze both sides of this argument.

From one perspective, many people believe strongly in the value that artists bring to a society.  For example, Bob Marley was a musician whose work helped to shape the modern cultural image of Jamaica and bring attention to global problems.  Performers like Marley help their countries establish recognizable cultures upon which valuable industries and worldwide recognition can grow.  It is thus clear why many argue that artists still bring value to modern society.

However, many counter that performers in the modern age contribute little of value to society.  Many pop music artists in Canada play a good example here.  Today, popular music production in Canada follows a very prescribed path.  An artist’s lyrics, image, sound and name are often decided by producers in an effort to maximize sales.  The unfortunate result of this is that it causes a lot of Canadian music to sound the same.  This repetitious quality to Canadian music and other modern arts of the world make it understandable why many feel artists contribute little of value to society.

Following this look, I feel that most performers still produce work that benefits society.  However, regardless of their effect on society, artistic freedom should be extended to all performers.

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  1. Radmila says:

    Hello Ryan,
    Thank you for another IELTS Task 2 response (I remind you that your kind friends all over the world are waiting impatiently for the Writing task1 academic response =) )!
    I am a bit confused about the question, which have asked about writers, musicians and painters. Whereas, you mentioned in your answer only musicians and musical industry, won`t it be penalised for the task response?
    Best regards,

    • Ryan says:

      @Radmila I think the question emphasizes ‘artists’ and uses ‘writers, musicians and painters’ as examples. When responding to this question, it wouldn’t be necessary to give an example of a writer, a musician and a painter, but more just examples of ‘artists’ in general. However, your point is valid; I probably should have varied that second example a bit more to include a different art form.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i have started to think according to your structure…but still suffering from lack of vocabulary ….

  3. Ano says:

    Vocabulary is a big problem for me as well, no matter how much I tried to learn by heart, I forget them and if I didn’t I don’t use them; i tend to go to easy words which I am more familiar with

  4. aya zaghwan says:


  5. Renuka reddy says:

    Thanks a lot for helping us with this exam

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