(Model essay) IELTS example essay in response to a General Task 2 question as seen in Egypt

With the growing availability of TV and Internet, radios will soon become obsolete. Do you agree or disagree?

The radio is an invention that came to popularity in the twentieth century. Its technology revolutionized the manner in which people communicated. I feel that although widespread use of the traditional radio may diminish into the future, it is a device that will never disappear completely. This will be shown by looking at trends in the growing car radio market and modern changes in the form of media that radios broadcast.

Firstly, as growing global affluence spurs demand for cars, radio use will also grow. For example, the booming vehicle market in China is causing an equally significant boom in radio set use. This is not a trend isolated to China; vehicle buyers everywhere are purchasing cars equipped with radio sets. Thus, this example clearly debunks the idea that radio use will be eradicated in the coming years.

In addition to this, changes to the content found on radio shows is creating new audiences and renewing the purpose of traditional radio sets. For instance, most Canadian radio stations today are live call-in shows. These sorts of shows have developed stable audiences over the last ten years, as this sort of entertainment is difficult to replicate using a television or the Internet. Thus, as this form of radio use will not shrink into the foreseeable future, it can be concluded that radios themselves will not become obsolete.

As the above evidence makes clear, radios will continue to hold a steady share of the global media market. This can be assumed to hold true in the years to come.


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