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Nowadays, the most important task is the protection of the environment for future generations. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Although there are many pressing issues in the world today, preservation of the environment for future generations is an extremely important concern. I agree that humanity should prioritise its address of issues that affect the natural world. I will support this position by looking at the environment’s role in maintaining human health and the manner in which it provides various sources of energy for human activity.

Firstly, attention should be paid to the environment because neglect can lead to a serious decline in the healthfulness of people. For example, the quality of air in countries with heavy manufacturing industries is often so low that extended exposure is often carcinogenic. The ramifications of this can be problematic for many generations, as pervasive illness can make it impossible for communities to build wealth and dig their way out of poverty. This is thus one clear reason why commitment to the wellbeing of the natural world is paramount.

Further, reckless use of energy sources can have detrimental effects that last into subsequent generations. For instance, deforestation in parts of Canada and Northern Europe in the 20th Century has altered timber resources in these regions in ways that will require several decades to restore. If these resources are not replenished, the responsibility will fall on the shoulders of future generations, which is a burden that could make these people less competitive globally.

As the above makes clear, ensuring posterity’s inheritance of a healthy natural environment is critical for many reasons. I hope human intelligence and ingenuity continue to work towards making this possible.

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