(Model essays and letters) Posts I have written for IELTS-blog.com

Here are some links to sample essays and letters I have written exclusively for www.IELTS-blog.com over the past few months:

Model letters:




Model essays:



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7 Responses to (Model essays and letters) Posts I have written for IELTS-blog.com

  1. Arvinder Kaur says:

    Dear Ryan,

    Here is topic for Task1 and Task 2 General on Aug20,2011.

    ?Task 1
    Write a letter to the Manager regarding the plans for new airport near area.In your letter write
    – how you know abt new plan
    – what problems you have
    – what you want him to do?


    Some young people starting earning for one year before taking university or college studies.

    does it have more advantages or more disadvantages?

    use relevant example from your daily experience

  2. Arvinder Kaur says:

    hi the task I told you is fromaustralia

  3. ABC says:

    Hi Rayan

    Thank you very much for posting model answers of essays and letters. They are really benefiting me. I appreciate it a lot.

    I did the General training model on 20th August and thought of positing the topics as I remeber.

    The topic of essay was ” Nowadays many young people doing a job before start the university
    studies, Does this have more advantages or disadvantages ?

    The topic of letter was ” New airport is going to build up in your area and you don’t like it. Write a letter to the local authority.

    why you don’t like it
    How did u find this news
    what do you want them to do

  4. Rochelle says:

    Hi Rayan

    Here are the topics for IELTS G on 24th Sep 2011. Please try to post these two tasks in future.Many thanks for you and appreciate.

    Task 1

    You are moving to a new flat/appartment very soon. You need a help from your friend
    on that day. write a letter to your friend. In your letter,

    when are you moving and why?
    explain what sort of help you need
    discribe abt the house

    Task 2

    Nowadays many children are more likely to spend on one game or programme continiously. what is your opinion.

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Rochelle,

      Thank you for this information. I am a little confused by the Task 2 question. Could you rephrase it? I will get a response up shortly.

      Good luck,

  5. Raj says:

    Hi Ryan, I think complete topic for Task 2 general exam in Melbourne last week was:

    These days due to peer pressure many kids spending too much time playing computer games. Upto what extent you agree or disagree, that parents should allow their children playing these types of games?


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