(Model letter) General Exam – Bangalore, India – 13 August 2011

Write to your landlord about  minor accident you had in the kitchen yesterday that has caused some damage. Talk about :

  • what happened
  • describe the problem and damage
  • clearly say what you want the landlord to do

Dear Clarence,

I regret having to inform you that my wife and I had a small accident in the kitchen of your apartment yesterday.  I am writing this letter to let you know precisely what happened.

Last night, my wife brought a large quantity of water to a boil in a clay pot as a base for a soup she was making.  After the water reached a rolling boil, the pot cracked open spilling boiling water all over the floor.  Luckily, my wife was not injured.  However, the linoleum lining of the kitchen floor has been almost completely mangled.  In fact, very little of the floor is still recognizable.

My wife and I would like to offer to cover the cost of redoing the floor, as we feel terrible for being the indirect cause of this problem.  We would like you to come over this weekend so we can plan what the next step is regarding this issue.

Yours truly,


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