(Model letter) General Task 1 question seen last week in an unspecified location

Write a letter to your friend apologising for not informing them about a recent move you made to another city.  In your letter include:

  •  an explanation for your sudden move
  • a description your new home
  • in what way your new home is better than your old home

Dear Curtis,

I am writing to apologise for not updating you on my new living status. Let me explain what happened.

You see, late last week I returned home to find my basement flooded.  It appears that the cold weather we have been having caused a water supply pipe running along the roof of the basement to burst.  Although the problem was addressed before major damage occurred, my landlord offered to have me move to one of his other houses until everything is completely rectified.  Personally, I am not complaining about this move as the new place is much roomier and has a nice view of the park.  It also has cable TV and pool table, which will make returning to my old place difficult!

Again, I’m sorry that I was not able to let you know ahead of time that I was moving.  Please take note of my new address as printed on the envelope encasing this message.

Your friend,


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