Here is a sample IELTS General Task 1 letter about moving to a new flat

Write a letter to a friend asking for help moving to a new flat. In your letter include:

  • why you are moving
  • a description of the new flat
  • why you need your friend’s help

Dear Richard,

I hope you have been keeping well and that this letter finds you and your wife in good spirits. I am writing to ask a favour with regards to the move I told you about last we met.

As you know, my wife and I are planning to relocate to the other side of town to be closer to our work. After two months of searching, we have finally found a place we feel comfortable with. There are two balconies, a spare bedroom, a study, and a small studio which we are going to convert into a painting room for my wife. The flat also comes with a handful of extra items, such as a barbecue, air conditioning units in all rooms, and two flat screen TVs.

We are short a few hands to help with the move this Saturday. Could I ask you to pitch in? My wife and I would be delighted to offer you dinner in compensation. No pressure to join, of course, but it would really help us a lot if you could find the time.

Your friend,


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