(Model letter) IELTS Task 1 question as seen in Beijing, China, 3 December 2011

Write to your community hospice and volunteer your time to assist old people for free.  In your letter, explain:

  • why you want to help old people
  • what you can do
  • exactly what time you are available

To the Richmond Hospice,

I am writing to enquire whether you are in need of additional volunteers at the moment.  Allow me to introduce myself and share a bit of background regarding my request.

For the past ten years, I have found great fulfillment in working with the elderly at the Peace Hospice in Carleton County.  While working there, I served dinner to the residents every Sunday evening and had the opportunity to chat with people from all walks of life.  For me, being able to comfort people in the later stages of their lives is very rewarding.

As you know, the Peace Hospice will be unfortunately closing as of next week and many of the residents are being transferred to you.  Thus, I was hoping I could continue to serve dinner between 4 and 7 pm every Sunday at your facility.  If you could find some way to accommodate this request, I would be most grateful.

Looking forward to hearing form you,


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