(Model letter) Task 1 as seen in Ahmedabad, India, 22 September 2011

You purchased electronic equipment online and found it damaged when it arrived.  Write a letter of complaint to the manager of the online company.  In your letter:

  • describe the product
  • describe the damage
  • explain what you want to happen as a result of this incident

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you regarding damaged goods I have received from your company.

You see, while perusing your website last week, I came across an external data drive that I felt could help me backup the hard drives of a few old computers I have in my office.  You can imagine my surprise when the product arrived with a large crack in the outer casing, exposing the inner wiring.  I imagine his must have happened during transit as this crack is way too obvious to have been missed by the packaging department of your company.  The product code is AA44-57 and I am attaching a copy of my receipt to this letter for your reference. 

I think it goes without saying that I am expecting you to reissue a working data drive to me.  Please let me know where and how to send the damaged goods back to you.  I also expect you to pay for the postage of this return.

Expecting prompt action,



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4 Responses to (Model letter) Task 1 as seen in Ahmedabad, India, 22 September 2011

  1. Laura says:

    Hello Ryan,

    I thank you for this email,even though it comes a little bit late,as I have already taken my IELTS exam this saturday.
    The Task 1 theme from your lesson and Task 1 theme from my IELTS exam are very much alike.
    Task 1 theme I was required to develope was related to a piece of an equipment(it was not specified if electronic or having another usage) I have bought from a company on Internet and the product delivered to me was damaged.
    I was asked to follow the same letter outline ,as the one mentioned in your sample.
    In my letter sample ,I was reffering to a glucometer purchased from a company that was supposed to deliver medical equipment.I am a GP and I wanted to relate this task to my activity ,so I think I was original.
    I reffered to the specific damage occured while shipping the product,ie the broken cover of glucometer I have ordered via Internet ,that might impede a proper reading of the digits which indicate the blood sugar level.
    I have tried not to do words or sentences repetitions.
    I think I have reached the purpose of this letter.My main concern related to this exam is not about task 1 but about task 2 ,as I think the essay didn’t have the right length:250 words.OK.
    Though, I would like to continue to receive messages comprised of IELTS lessons from you as I want to go again to take another exam even if I shall have a 6.5 or 7 score band ,as I know myself and my abilities.I am not a native english speaker,but I have a crush on english language and started to really perfect my english after commencing to reading the Bible ,translated in different versions,and really enjoyed KJV which is using the old english.
    I thank you for your efforts to help us ,without asking any material reward,except for the booklets you have written,and I consider this aspect as being a normal one.
    Kind regards,

  2. Laura says:

    correction: develop

  3. parastoo says:

    Hello Ryan,

    Thanks for your great help to ielts test takers.I have taken
    ielts (G) 3times and I have got 7 for my writing twice but I have still problem with task 2 question types.Fore example
    what are the differences between discuss, agree or disagree,
    and to what extent do you agree? I have asked my teachers about
    this however I havenot got much help. I would appreciate if you
    coul provide help in this regard.
    Best regards

  4. Jayesh says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I have problem with writing and reading about my general
    Ielts test.every time I got 5.5 each module so how can I improve
    My these skill and should you plz let me know how can I
    Get 6.0 band on these module.
    Awaiting for your print reply

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