(Model Task 1 response) Example response to an IELTS Academic Task 1 question recently engaged in Trondheim, Norway

The following chart illustrates reasons for Internet usage in the United Kingdom in the year 2001.  Those surveyed were adults at least 21 years of age.  Summarize the information presented.

The above chart illustrates purposes for Internet usage in the United Kingdom in the year 2001.  The data indicates utilization differences between males and females.

By far the most common reason for Internet usage for both sexes alike is email.  The male figure places in the very high nineties and the female figure is a hair lower.  Other areas of similar usage statistics between men and women include banking, at 42%, and product vending, at 21%.  Stark gender sensitive differences in usage are seen among the remaining categories.  The gaming sector appears to be male dominated, with a man to woman ratio of 38% to 18%.  Research for personal health issues, however, sees women, at 38%, outnumbering men, at 17%.  62% of women also use the Internet for product consumption, which is a figure much greater than its 38% male counterpart.

When averaged across all areas, it appears as though total Internet usage numbers are roughly equal between men and women.

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