Perfect 9s in Speaking, Listening and Writing! Nancy explains how she did it in this episode of IELTSCast! (High quality recording)

Thanks to those of you who provided me with some feedback on the podcast.  Yes, I know the quality has been questionable at times, but this episode should hopefully be a little more to your liking.

I am very excited to introduce this episode to you.  Nancy, a native from Oxford, talks about how she scored band 9 in Speaking, Listening and Writing!  Click here to listen to the entire interview!

Last week, a student suggested I post ‘key points’ for each podcast episode to help listeners decide whether to tune in or not.  So in my talk with Nancy, we discuss:

  • -difficulties native speakers have when taking the IELTS
  • -what she did to prepare for her exam
  • -what she recommends students do to prepare properly
  • -how she responded during the speaking portion of the exam

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